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Solution to nonfunctioning HP LaserJet p1102w due to newer versions of hplip in Linux

Linux distribution: Arch Linux


  1. hp-setup can not detect the p1102w printer when using USB connection.
  2. hp-setup can not find the p1102w printer through manual WiFi IP connection.
  3. hplip is at version 3.19.x


Open the file /usr/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat, and search for the entry with keyword p_1102w. There should be an entry with the name hp_laserjet_professional_p_1102w. See the problem here? It should be hp_laserjet_professional_p1102w. No upderscore should present between p and 1102w. So the solution is simple: just remove the underscore. Also, inside the entry, there’s a property: model1=HP LaserJet Professional P 1102w Printer. There’s an extra space between P and 1102w. I’m not sure if this property will affect the functioning of the printer, but I prefer to remove the space. So that property will be: model1=HP LaserJet Professional P1102w Printer.

You may need root or sudo privilege to modify the file.


  1. AnonymousT AnonymousT

    Holy crap you are genius.
    Thanks you so much!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Very valuable thanks. I really monder how you figured this out!

  3. szigetva szigetva

    I followed your advice and hp-setup does not see my printer. I put back the underscore and the space and now it does see it (hplip version However, no matter how I try, I can’t use this printer on Arch with either hplip or foo2zjs.

    • I’m also using hplip now. I use hp-setup to add this printer and did not have a problem. I think I don’t even have to remove the underscore and space in this version. They probably fixed the issue some time in the past.

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